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Journaling everyday perspectives one word at a time.

Inspiration Guide

A Method of Inspiration

Welcome to an inspired sense of vitality!

It’s our inner strength and energy, our second wind. It brings us that pep in our step and the get-up-and-go feeling throughout our day. Together let’s inspire possibilities of peace and movement for a life with vitality at every age, in every place, and with all styles of ability. From who you are to where you want to be, discover guided inspiration for a sense of vitality throughout everyday life experiences.

Journey along as we guide a method of inspiration.

For a supported journey, begin at the end. Hold tight, we’ll be with you as soon as you whistle our tune.

Inspire Possibility

Our method of inspiration is guided by influential elements in our everyday life. Together we journey through our world and into the world we share to discover possibilities of peace and movement. Throughout our experiences in everyday life, these elements inspire momentum for a life characterized by a sense of vitality.

Signs of Peace

  • A sense of acceptance in the present moment
  • Harmony in what was, what will be, what is
  • Enjoying everyday activities
  • Finding confidence
  • Sharing moments
  • Feeling joyful
  • Resiliency

Signs of Movement

  • Freedom
  • To be able to
  • Actualized potential
  • Many moods to colour our world
  • A flow of potential to move forward
  • A rhythm for moment-to-moment changes
  • Opportunities to learn, grow and live with individuality

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Our well-being is inspired by the freedom to experience possibilities of peace and movement. These possibilities are as unique as our life experience to provide us with inner strength and energy. This is our sense of vitality which sustains our natural creative ability, to think and act from lived experience. Throughout life’s influential moments, we can look to our signs in the stars.

Inspire Vitality

As we journey through everyday life, we may be met with joys and difficulties. Experiences arise in all shapes, sizes and textures. Rising within and without, we are influenced to choose a way forward. Conflicting experiences hold the creative patterns inspiring us to strive above. What we create with these fabrics is crafted with our natural ability to energize life from lived experience.

When life feels off beat, take three steps through a wave for momentum in everyday life.

With inspiration, we all have the natural creative ability to become the revolutionary in our experiences with personal and collective challenges, transitions and obstacles. We support genuine wellbeing within all lives with the understanding that we are the experts of our own lived experience and the leaders in our own sense of vitality.

Inspire Revolution

When our everyday lives move beyond joys and difficulties and into major challenges, transitions and obstacles, we take one step at a time. Create momentum for a sense of vitality in any condition through a three beat revolution, together with TEM.

Through guided expressions, we discover our expectations and experiences in everyday life.
a path forward
Our perspective shapes the actions that will bring our expectations into everyday experiences.
a way of life
Our design comes to life when we activate the experiences that meet our everyday expectations.

Value Vitality in Canadian Communities

The Ellis Method, or /tem/ for time, offers a method of inspiration alongside individuals and groups through personal and collective Revolutions. TEM takes us on a journey from who you are to where you want to be, side-by-side and every step of the way. Together we develop, design and sustain a genuine sense of wellbeing in our everyday life. Through compassionate action and community kindness, we support each other.

When we support each other, we value our shared vitality. When we share our sense of vitality, we create a rhythm. When we live a life with harmony, we project this joy.

From ripples to waves, inspiration grows through movement. Connect with TEM anytime to add your perspective on everyday life.

Journey on,

#ValueVitality – We support each other

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