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Journaling everyday perspectives one word at a time.

Lifeworld Led Revolutions

living well is having the freedom to experience possibilities of peace and movement.

Edmund Husserl was a 20th century philosopher who provided a deeper understanding of our experiences in everyday life. “He articulates our world as textured, embodied and experienced by us and through us. A world of colours, sparkling stars, memories, happiness, joy, anger and sadness” (Hemingway, 2011).

TEM weaves Husserl’s Lifeworld philosophy throughout our practice. Together alongside individuals and communities, we inspire a sustainable sense of vitality in everyday life.

TEM Revolutions embody Husserl’s understanding of our needs. We offer support pathways developed, designed and sustained through your perspective. Well-being is your own experience and your sense of vitality in everyday life is unique to you. Together we will explore, create and activate genuine well-being from lived experience.

Genuine Well-being

Well-being is found when we experience everyday life with a sense of vitality. Vitality is our inner strength and energy, our second wind. It gives us that pep in our step and the get-up-and-go feeling in throughout our day.

Peace and Movement Possibilities

Vitality is found through possibilities of peace and movement. Peace influences feelings of worth, acceptance, resilience, confidence and enjoyment. Movement influences feelings of freedom, rhythm, flow, potential and opportunity.

Sustaining Harmony

Life isn’t linear, its fluid. Our world mingles within worlds. Together we find a sense of harmony in what we expect and what we experience.
Our personal world and the world we share are influenced by five elements.

Time – Our sense of past accomplishments, present possibilities and future aspirations.

Space – Our personal environment and our experiences living within this world.

Interconnection – Our connections within and with those who share our world.

Body – Our perception of life through our body and its influence on our experiences.

Mood – our ever-changing capacity for realized potential and meaning in life.

With TEM, living well is having the freedom to experience possibilities of peace and movement. These possibilities are as unique as our life experience and provide us with inner strength and energy. This is our sense of vitality which sustains our natural creative ability, to think and act from lived experience, throughout life’s influential joys and challenges. Our ability for wisdom guides each TEM Revolution.


Hemingway, A. (2011). Lifeworld-led care: Is it relevant for well-being and the fifth wave of public health action? International Journal of Qualitative Studies on Health and Well-Being, 6(4), 10.3402/qhw.v6i4.10364. http://doi.org/10.3402/qhw.v6i4.10364

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