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Sharing a Cup of Sugar

Seasonal Companionship for Holiday Cheer!

For a moment of solace in the city, share a cup a sugar between neighbours!

In-between the longer grocery lists, the added shopping trips, and the extra outings to organize, the holiday season can add more than it relieves. As caregivers, we pile on the present to a full plate even in the ‘off-season’. Within the hustle and bustle of season’s greetings, a spirited moment shared between neighbours brings that little extra sweetness to warm us up before we continue merrily along. Taking a moment to breathe, we look in our neighbourhood for a cup of sugar and let it snow! Cheer emotions into motion with this classic tradition!

Greater Good Magazine hits it home sweet home with the sharing effect. Sharing together can clear our pathways even in a blizzard! Letting it snow is something caregivers know, letting it all out before bundling back up. Sharing the weight of a snowfall, we can build up our cheer as we return to the spirit of the season. Weather the good, the bad, the ugly, or all three rolled together with a friend who has the hat, carrot, scarf, twigs and coal.

Time Magazine offers a cheerful point of view. When we share together, we discover a buffet of possibilities to brighten our emotions. Letting it snow, releasing our build up emotions, brings about a rainbow of new moods to choose from. Sharing a cup of sugar sweetens the moments of joy and the moments of oh… Bah hum bug. While we may know just how we feel, sharing together melts away our stress and enhances our inner strength and energy for what’s next.

With the last spoonful of sugar, we’re on our way with the little extra sweetness we’ve added to our day. With a moment together to lighten the load, we inspire the freshness from a snowfall to warm ourselves up for more seasons’ greetings. Without going far and wide, we know a friend in need is a friend indeed, here by our side.

This season we don’t need to take a trip to the store, or find the nearest market for that missing ingredient. A community visit brings all the sweetness you may be looking for. Take a few minutes for a cup full of sugar and let it all snow! Even a spoonful will inspire seasonal stress to melt away, calorie free and crafted with cheer!

You can find me in and around Montreal this holiday season at a variety of free community events! I’ll be there with time to talk if you care to share, let it snow or let it shine. No matter the recipe, the sweet support of a fellow caregiver is here this time of year to bring you cheer.


A Cup of Sugar for Holiday Cheer – For a Gift that keeps on Giving!

To find out where we’ll be, click here to uncover our Sugar Map

For a cup of sugar in a pinch, whistle a tune and I’ll be with you soon.


Happy Holidays!

Stephanie Butchart
Inspiration Lead
TEM – A Method of Inspiration
[email protected] / 514.557.6020



Note: Qualified, voluntary companionship with time to talk, if you have something to share, is offered at no cost for up to one hour at free events in safe community spaces on the Island of Montreal until December 22nd. Together as neighbours, we can meet, express our experiences, release our emotions and refresh our vitality: A moment in time to sweeten our spirit.

The Ellis Method (TEM) provides personalized support programs on a sliding scale to fund qualified, voluntary outreach. For the love of trees, we will pass forward all donations to One Tree Planted. For every dollar a tree is planted and new life thrives. A certificate of your offering is offered in return. Dedicating your tree or forest to someone you love will inspire a reminder that new life grows each new day. Visit https://onetreeplanted.org/ for details.

Stephanie Butchart
[email protected]
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