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Sweet Surprise Support

Seasonal respite for Holiday Cheer!

For a personally picked pick-me-up with love from a loved one, join in a sweet surprise!


When surprises are sweetly supported, what we don’t know is sure to delight! The beauty of being surprised is that it inspires more than meets the eye. Opening a hand-made card with heartfelt note, tossing the colors of tissue from the bag to find what’s inside, taking off the bow and unwrapping a mystery box, what’s in store for us is so much more than a present. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. Thanks to author and behavioural investigator Vanessa Van Edwards we’ve uncovered the surprising pleasure giving and receiving gifts may bring!

The cheer of receiving a sweet surprise brings unexpected benefits to our lives, our loved one’s life and the life shared between. It uplifts how we feel and brings us greater well-being. What’s more, when we are given the possibility for sudden happiness, it carries on throughout our day and into more joyful moments ahead. The opportunity to personally pick us up shares the gift of giving us joy. We feel special thanks to the love shared and in return our loved one feels special knowing we do too. An extra pleasant side effect is that the sweet surprise you receive creates a new memory, one that last even longer because of all the positive emotions this excites!

Thanks to Jill Suttie from Greater Good Magazine, there’s even more goodness coming! If bringing us the positive side effects of creating a memorable moment, relationship satisfaction and increased wellbeing weren’t enough, the act of surprise brings cheer to our brain’s pleasure centers! No matter the surprise, we’ve discovered a possibility to energize our sense of vitality, inspire a positive outlook, and enhance our capabilities!

When we are able to embrace the tradition of expecting the unexpected, we shape our response to a surprise. Coming from the goodness of a love one’s heart, there’s no chance this experience won’t brings a smile to our face. In this moment, we feel the difference in our outlook when we receive the sweet surprise of a refreshing feeling; being cared for. The sweet treat of a lasting experience, a moment we will remember.

When we give care to our loved ones, we often miss out on the tradition of receiving care. When a personally pick-me-up comes our way from a loved one made with love, we feel loved. Surprise yourself with inner strength and energy for everlasting cheer this holiday season. This is a traditional treat worth treating ourselves to!

Sweet Surprise Support shares with care, bringing your loved one on a gift giving experience sure to remember. From reminiscence of what brings you and your family joy, to placing the bow and signing the card, we’ll be by their side with you in mind.

Will it be a trip to a special store, a mall with it all, or a look around town? Will it be a look through catalogues, an online experience, or an array of choices to choose from? Will it be a creative arts and craft project, a souvenir from memory lane, or a pickle to ponder together?

Together as a team, we can support your loved one in sweetly surprising you this holiday season!


Sweet Surprise Support – For a gift that keeps on giving!

For the cheer-filled benefits of this sweet treat, click here to send us a whistle!



Happy Holidays!

Stephanie Butchart
Inspiration Lead
TEM – A Method of Inspiration
[email protected] / 514.557.6020



Note: Qualified, voluntary respite with goal-based activity animation is offered at no cost for up to four hours on the island of Montreal until December 24th.  Together with care recipients, we will personalize a gift giving experience. Return home to a sweet surprise; a present personally picked, wrapped, and decorated for you, from your loved one, with support.

The Ellis Method (TEM) provides personalized support programs on a sliding scale to fund qualified, voluntary outreach. For the love of trees, we will pass forward all donations to One Tree Planted. For every dollar a tree is planted and new life thrives. A certificate of your offering is offered in return. Dedicating your tree or forest to someone you love will inspire a reminder that new life grows each new day. Visit https://onetreeplanted.org/ for details.

Stephanie Butchart
[email protected]
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