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TEM Development – Care to Breathe Program

For a change in momentum towards genuine well-being, care to breathe.

What is it like to experience your everyday life?

Is this the life you dream of?

It’s possible.


TEM offers a unique, flexible, and qualified approach to revitalize genuine well-being at any age, in any state, and with all styles of ability. From everyday difficulties to major life transitions, we inspire the personal possibilities to fulfill your immediate needs with long-term impact. We’ll begin with a Development Session, a supported opportunity to express your experiences, feel heard, and find comfort. Sharing together, we will create your personalized Care to Breathe program; a short-term care plan supported with respite, companionship, and assessment opportunities. As we join your everyday life, we develop a deeper understanding of your lived experiences and desired lifestyle. This activates the possibilities that will sustain your personal momentum for a life with vitality.

Join us for a free and friendly expression session, in person or over the phone, to break the ice and get to know one another.

From here, anything is possible.


For a brighter day, whistle our way.

For an in-depth view of a supported journey with TEM, follow along below.

TEM Development

Momentum is our driving force. When we are living with a sense of vitality, we travel through everyday life with the inner strength and energy to keep us moving forward. When our lives are met with challenges, transitions and obstacles, we develop the possibilities that will revitalize our momentum. When these possibilities are out of our reach, we will to turn the world around us for direction. Had we known how to get there, we would already be there. Why then would common care and support direct us through a ready-made roundabout? Making a difference in life is a development of pathways, not another loop of exits.

The traditional practice of assessment, intervention and monitoring controls our momentum. Limiting access to personalized possibilities forces a progression that conflicts with our own sense of time and space. Eventually, we have to backup and start again: The downward cycle of not being the leader in our own well-being. When initial care and support providers have a stronger and more active influence than our own, we may feel out of sync, repetitive and disconnected within the experience of receiving care and support.

Together, an assessment-only approach that offers a singular, unwavering process will not lead to sustainably fulfilling our genuine well-being. We might be rewarded with short-term gain but this direction will steer us towards long-term loss. Having to adjust to another’s pace, presence, and possibilities leaves us with a motion we can’t move to or feel at peace with. Catch up, slow down, shut up, back down: We are met with a feeling that this practice is making a difference from the wrong perspective, one not our own.

We understand what we are experiencing is not what meets our expectations, searching for care and support shows us that. We just don’t have the details yet, the fulfilling possibilities that will sustain us over time, within our reach. TEM Development opens the box in care and support as a program in itself. For full transparency, we don’t assume what pathways or even if a Revolution is needed. Instead TEM Development offers Care to Breathe, a specialized program to develop a shared practice of your personal momentum.

Care to Breathe

Challenges, transitions and obstacles where we seek out care and support, are experiences we’ve first encountered on our own. This brings us into a place where as it is, our life is likely to be taken over completely by unfulfilled needs. We’re vulnerable, we know it, and we don’t wish to be. Our day-to-day lives are too fast, too slow, too much or too little for us to feel at ease with our current momentum.

One reason we cannot all thrive with standardized care and support practices is that when making a difference in existence, with a human life, we make first contact within this vulnerability of low vitality possibilities. Rigid systems limit our ability to move through presenting realities, further weighing on our sense of vitality, the inner strength and energy our personal momentum thrives on. This can be experienced in as many ways as there are lives, but one thing is certain. At this point in time, we need to space to breathe.

The motion of a complete breath inspires, it energizes life, and it respires, it strengthens life. TEM Development offers Care to Breathe programs to develop a shared understanding of your personal momentum by energizing life from lived experience. Together we explore and release the many moods that bring meaning to your life. Out in the world between us, we are able to inspire a fresh view into presenting realities.

Possibilities naturally arise as we continue the two-way flow of shared expression: Exploring experiences, we uncover expectations. Pathways for immediate needs are revealed and a short-term plan is drawn up to fulfill the time and space you need to fully respire. We move forward with personal possibilities for the change in momentum, the care you can breathe to: Support practiced from your perspective.

A Musical Understanding

Care to Breathe brings a musical twist to the practice of giving and receiving care. Supporting our emotions into motions, the benefits of Care to Breathe programs are action-oriented to meet immediate needs in a forward direction. Commonly known as respite, companionship and assessment, our support is guided rhythmically, harmonically, and melodically to develop an active understanding of personal momentum.


Respite Rhythms carry us forward without missing a beat. The weight on your momentum is divided into two living pulses. Commonly known as self-care, activities we animate for ourselves let us catch our breath while another fills in. It’s an experience of time, the moment-to-moment changes where respite can bring a constant state of rushing into a sense of ease, from feeling overwhelmed to in control, or from influenced to having influence. It’s the artist you know and trust to jump right in and respect the momentum you built.

Just like a replacement drummer wouldn’t fill in without keeping time, creating a complete breather with Care to Breathe respite means that when we come back together, we’re inspired and respired: As though our time was refreshing, we have replenished our sense of vitality, and our everyday momentum continued forward in a strong and energized motion. The short-term gain of fulfilling the immediate need to keep time, leads to the long-term benefits of having time. A rhythm we can groove to, not struggle against.


Companionship Harmonies unite us in motion. Together we compliment personal momentum through the art of friendship, building camaraderie within everyday life activities. Commonly known as a friendly visitor, creating shared spaces that moves with, not against, our preferred momentum brings a fresh perspective to our daily motion. It’s an experience of togetherness within a shared environment, climate, and atmosphere where companionship uplifts us into a harmony that cheers on our personal flow.

Just like an accompaniment performer, we compliment a journey through different spaces together as a team. Creating a complete breather by building a partnered experience, a relationship of mutual trust and respect, moves in unison with your expected momentum throughout everyday experiences. Sharing movements, we strengthen and energize the motions that bring us to move forward through life. The short-term gain of fulfilling an immediate need for shared space, leads to the long-term benefits of living with personal momentum while sharing spaces. A harmony we can hum along with, not more friction to feel.

Grooving to a rhythm in harmony creates the time and space to develop a genuine understanding of potential possibilities for the well-being of complete fulfilment. Personal momentum when our lives are met with challenges, transitions and obstacles that we alone cannot move through, needs a change in our experiences of time and space before being able to perceive clearly into the future.


Assessment melodies build individuals notes into a complete song. Providing the short-term gains of immediate needs for respite rhythms and companionship harmonies throughout everyday activities, offers the long-term benefits of understanding the presenting conflict as we move towards genuine well-being. A full picture is offered in your style of choice to detail the change in momentum you expect in your life.

Together in motion, we’ve inspired and respired the inner strength and energy to invoke your naturally, creative ability to think and act from lived experience. With the talent to develop the possibilities of peace and movement travelling forward, along with a personal portrayal of your preferred momentum, you are able to move in a direction you dream of: Living the experiences that meet your expectations.

Join a Jam

Overtime our life’s momentum is grouped into communities that define our style of motion. Whether jazz, rap or rhythm and blues, our commonalities bring together similar styles. Care to Breathe programs offer three points of view to relate potential pathways towards our ability to develop personal momentum. We may find ourselves moving through life in a similar, but different, pace as another.

The different styles of support start us off with a perspective we can relate to and expand on, a musical twist for a forward direction. 3 in 1 support jams, being respite, companionship and assessment within everyday life activities, are open and friendly development sessions to bring our emotions into motion.

Together in your style of choice,  we inspire to respire, bringing unfulfilled needs into personalized possibilities we expect to experience in our present day life. With the time and space to revitalize our sense of vitality, and the embodiment of our personal momentum, we are able to sustain possibilities for genuine well-being.


Stayed tuned to TEM for details of the perspective you can relate to.

Just like the lives we lead, there’s no one size fits all in our support.

Care to Breathe programs start with a free expression session to break the ice and get to know one another.

From here, anything is possible.



Caring to breathe brings us into a life of colourful possibilities. For a brighter day, whistle our way.

Stephanie, TEM founder and inspiration lead, is available by writing to [email protected] or by calling 514-557-6020
Not sure what to say? You can find a guided contact form here.

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TEM Development, Care to Breathe.

Respite – Companionship – Assessment

Stephanie Butchart
[email protected]
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