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Spring Bloom

Spring has sprung once again!

For some spring means budding trees, chirping birds and longer days. For others it could mean a lot of rain, a need to clean or the smell of the streets after a season of snow. A fresh start, a new beginning and a chance to breathe…spring brings new life, in every sense of the word, and it has been this way for centuries.

When we talk about seasons we are connecting to the earth, skies, clouds, winds, waters, moons, plants and animals…our reasons for living. If I missed any please thank them for me. Spring signals rebirth, a time of rising, of springing into existence, a source of action, a time of growth and to come into being have all described the season of spring within the last several hundred years. Change is all around us, the wave of change that tells us it’s time for the Spring Bloom.

Springtide, as it was originally known, also signals a change into the astrological new year. As a renewed follower of the stars, I will be kick-starting new life in my world and the world we all share. One year ago I couldn’t say the same. Yet despite the challenges, I have gathered, gained and grown my values and beliefs. Despite the odds my values have been motivated, not limited, over the last year and I continue to meet those who share my perspectives. This change in season marks the change in my life and the lives of those whose direct needs will find possibilities in The Ellis Method. Margaret Ellis is my founding inspiration. At 93 years old, her Battle of Ability taught me that we are the experts of our own lives and we deserve to tell our stories.

Rather than being silenced, I speak the truth. Instead of adding barriers because of the bureaucracy of constricting partnerships, ownership, image, time constraints and a disharmonious vision, I am enhancing the lives of individuals at every age, from every place and with all abilities. This spring I rise for Valued Vitality in Canadian Care by empowering our right to say, “It’s my life, my choice and I have something to share.”

This spring I say no more. No more barriers, no more ignorance, no more belittling our members of society. We are the experts of our own lives. We have the ability to think and act based on life experience. We deserve the possibilities of peace and movement that bring a sense of vitality into our everyday life.

This spring marks the change in perspective we are all waiting for, a Lifeworld-led model to health, social and community care with a group of individuals who have all directly experienced the everyday challenges of living and ageing in Canada.

What does this change in season signal to us? If we are ready to listen, the world is ready to show us. Who, what, when, where and how will our Spring Bloom come to be?

Thank you to all of those who have added to this movement in so many different ways. It is from my past experiences that this platform is born, it is today that I share it with the world and it is in the future that it will bloom into global sense of vitality.

Stephanie Butchart
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